Our Vision

Founded by two keen library supporters, Prof. Chan Kwok Bun (Sociology) and Dr. Lo Wai Luk (Academy of Film), and the associate librarian of the time, the Book Culture Club was formed with the idea of promoting a “book culture” at BU. We believe that nurturing a book culture club here that treasures reading, writing, and publishing good books will enhance the humanistic spirit of the BU community.

Our aim is to encourage BU staff, students and alumni to read and enjoy good books by sponsoring a series of book launches or book talks at the BU Library and other campus sites. Authors will speak intimately about their books, and publishers will give tips on the sorts of authors and publications they are seeking. The Club will act as a match-maker, a go-between, by bringing potential authors and publishers together in the warm company of book lovers.  Workshops will also be organized to foster the appreciation of literary culture surrounding books and writing. There will be time for dialogues and exchanges, snacks and beverages, chatting with staff, students and alumni, authors and publishers, author signing at the book sale booth, and enjoying tasteful musical ensembles. All in a mood of joviality and humanism.

BU has many fine authors and artists in our midst, as signified by the Chinese calligraphy in our logo, written by the renowned poet and calligrapher Mr. Chen Yi Yu.  We hope the Book Culture Club events will give BU book authors a public identity and the public recognition and appreciation they would enjoy — which is also first-rate PR for BU.

As it happens, the intellectual and humanistic climate of the BU community will become more colourful and satisfying.

Our Team

Planning Group Members:

Ms. Lolita Kwok
Ms. Wing Woo
Ms. Becky Wu

Working Group Members:

Ms. Kimberly So
Ms. Peggy Hon
Ms. Carlee Chan
Ms. Yedda Cheng