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Chinese boat-race, at Hong-Kong : the start ; Chinese boat-race : the winning boat.

Two engravings and commentary from "The Illustrated London News" relating to a three-day regatta open to all licensed Chinese boats on Hang-Kong Harbour. The race is described in some detail including a lively commentary describing a contest between "Tanka boats " crewed by women, culminating in the "Duck-Hunt": ' "...a most exciting scene. Two women only were allowed in each tanka-boat, the one in the bow being expected to secure the duck; but this they soon found to be no easy matter, for no sooner had the boat pulled up, and the woman stretched out her arm, then down went the frightened bird, or away it fluttered over the surface of the water. Truly it was a wild-duck chase. One however was secured by the boat that won the race: but the second duck defied their exertions and escaped ' altogether". Twenty-five boats competed in the main event in November 1852, the eventual winner "Dragon" being declared on the 4th November. The correspondent from the "Overland China Mail" noted that the sampans were much improved from those on display at the London Great Exhibition of 1851.

Source Illustrated London News, 1853-01-29
Format 1 print : engraving, black and white ; 40 x 27 cm
Publisher [Illustrated London News]
Year [1853]
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Work type Print
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