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Britain’s first war with China, 1840-42.

8 scenes of Britain’s first war with China: 1. Viscount Gough, the commander-in-chief of the British Forces 2. Sir George Bremer reducing the Bogue Forts in the Canton River 3. Sir Henry Pottinger representing the Great Britain to sign the Treaty of Nankin with the behalf of China 4. A portrait of Sir Hope Grant 5. Boats in Kowloon Bay 6. King's Dragoon Guards closing with Tartar Cavalry near Pekin 7. Camp of the second division of the British forces at Talienwan 8. Ships in the engagment with the Taiping rebels at Nankin

Source The Sphere, 1900-07-07
Format 1 print : engraving, black and white ; 43 x 60 cm
Publisher London : Publisher not identified
Year 1900
HKBU Library collection Illustrations from British historical newspapers
Work type Print
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