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A scene from the Peking opera titled Farewell My Concubine by Mei Lanfang who is one of the most renowned Peking opera artists in modern Chinese theater. Farewell My Concubine is also a novel by Lilian Lee which was adapted into a screenplay in 1993

Author / Creator 陳浩
Artist Proof 34/60
Format 1 print ; 24 x 18 cm
Year 2015
HKBU Library collection Bookplates Collection
Work type Bookplate
Geographic location China
Technique Planographic (平版)
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Copyrighted CC BY-NC 4.0

Cite this image as: 陳浩 Hao Chen, "中國著名京劇大師梅蘭芳的首本名劇《霸王别姬》的場景。《霸王别姬》亦是香港作家李碧華的小說,並於1993年改篇成電影", in Hong Kong Baptist University Library Art Collections, accessed 17/06/2024,

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