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A scene from a Chinese mythology in which the daughter of Yan Emperor died from drowning and became a bird. She began to throw stone and sticks into the sea in the hopes of reclaiming it

Author / Creator 盧柏文
Artist Proof 3/50
Format 1 print ; 25 x 22 cm
Year 2017
HKBU Library collection Bookplates Collection
Work type Bookplate
Geographic location China
Technique Intaglio printing (凹版)
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Cite this image as: 盧柏文 Bowen Lu, "中國古代神話傳說《精衛填海》。相傳炎帝神的女兒溺於水中,化身神鳥並經常叼著石頭和草木來填塞東海以報仇雪恨", in Hong Kong Baptist University Library Art Collections, accessed 22/05/2024,

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