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大力收购兽骨 增加社员收入 支援国家经济建设!
Anti-economism : smash the new counter-offensive of the capitalist class revolutionary line

On the top of poster, picture of Mao Zedong is on left and on the right is sentence by Mao "人民群众有无限的创造力。他们可以组织起来,向一切可以发挥自己力量的地方和部门进军,向生产的深度和广度进军,替自己创造日益增多的福利事业。" . In the center of the poster, showing the products produced by animal bones. On the bottom left of the poster "各基层供销社均代办收购业务" and "地址: 西宁市东郊傅家寨100号 电话: 7239转 电报挂号: 523

Author / Creator Unknown
Format 1 poster : col. ; 76 x 52 cm.
Publisher 青液骨胶厂革命委员会
Year [19--]
Language Chinese, Tibetan
HKBU Library collection Propaganda Art Collection
Work type Poster
Subject(s) Economics
Keyword(s) Mao Zedong Mao's portrait
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Copyrighted CC BY-NC 4.0

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