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Calligraphy of Wang Wei's "Peach Blossom Journey" in clerical script (Lishu)

圖中文字: 漁舟逐水愛山春, 兩岸桃花夾去津. 坐看紅樹不知遠, 行盡青溪不見人. 山口潛行始隈隩, 山開曠望旋平陸. 遙看一處攢雲樹, 近入千家散花竹. 樵客初傳漢姓名, 居人不改秦衣服

Author / Creator 錢舜玉
Format 1 scroll : ink on paper ; image 132 x 31 cm., mount 188 x 41 cm.
Year 1993
HKBU Library collection Contemporary calligraphy and Chinese paintings
Work type Chinese Calligraphy
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Copyrighted CC BY-NC 4.0

Cite this image as: 錢舜玉 Qian Shunyu, "隸書王維《桃源行》", in Hong Kong Baptist University Library Art Collections, accessed 17/06/2024,

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