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岳飛(款) : 草書吊古戰場文拓本立軸
Rubbing piece of Yueh Fei's poem in cursive script (Caoshu)

圖中文字: 浩浩乎! 平沙無垠, 不見人, 河水縈帶, 群山糾紛. 黯兮慘悴, 風悲日曛. 蓬斷草枯, 凜若霜晨. 鳥飛不下, 獸鋌亡群. 亭長告餘曰: "此古戰場也. 常覆三軍, 往往鬼哭, 天陰則聞.

Author / Creator 岳飛
Format 1 leave : ink on paper ; image 90 x 56 cm., mount 175 x 63 cm.
Year 19--?
HKBU Library collection Contemporary calligraphy and Chinese paintings
Work type Chinese Calligraphy
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Copyrighted CC BY-NC 4.0

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