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Today's "Foolish Old Men" create new scenes

Posters depicted the peasants carry forward the spirit of the Yugong movement and carry out agricultural modernization. [no.1]. Every peasant in the field is working very hard to dig and transport gravel and soil, with the help of wooden wheel-barrows and buffaloes, out of a deep pit. A pump with many tubes is drains the water. [no.2]. Huge numbers of excited and intrigued peasants gather around newly built stone reservoirs. Many line up to climb up the mounted reservoir in the centre. Rectangular shaped rice fields are shown upper section. [no. 3]. New look of the argicultural fields after modernization. [no. 4]. Every peasant is busy harvesting crops.

Author / Creator 程敏生, 张林
Format 2 posters : color ; 77 x 53 cm
Publisher 人民出版社
Year 1974
Language Chinese
HKBU Library collection Propaganda Art Collection
Work type Poster
Category Chinese Cultural Revolution
Subject(s) Agriculture, Culture and Education, Economics
Keyword(s) Agriculture Farm tractors Farmers Industrial production Red flags Rural community Workers
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Cite this image as: 程敏生, 张林, "當代愚公繪新圖(選自戶縣農民畫展)", in Hong Kong Baptist University Library Art Collections, accessed 22/05/2024,

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