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門神 : 楊柳青版画
Door Gods

門神是指在門上張貼的驅鬼辟邪的神像, 一般為對畫,包括神荼、鬱壘,以及眾多文門神、武門神等。 這兩幅則是最經典的武門神,即所謂 "秦瓊、敬德"之像。 秦瓊字叔寶,尉遲恭字敬德,二人均為唐初名將。 傳說唐太宗的寢宮外常有惡鬼號叫,太宗因此患病。 大將秦瓊得知後,自告奮勇,與尉遲恭戎裝侍立宮門外,當夜果然無事。 後太宗不忍心二人夜夜辛苦,於是命畫工繪二將畫像貼於宮門,以鎮邪祟。 後世延續此習俗,尊秦瓊、尉遲恭為門神。 --《楊柳青木版年畫》 (p. 270)

"Door Gods" were placed on people's doors to ward away evil spirits. These two prints depict two classic Door Gods, Qin Qiong (AD 581-638) and Yuchi Gong (AD 585-658), who were both renowned army generals of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907). Legend holds that Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty was sick because there was an evil spirit in the palace. The two generals then stood outside the emperor's residence 24 hours a day to protect him. The emperor felt sorry for them and ordered their portraits to be put on the doors of his residence, thus the two generals became symbolic Door Gods. -- Yangliuqing woodblock New Year prints (p. 270)

Author / Creator Unknown
Format 2 sheets : color ; 52 x 37 cm
Publisher 美術出版社
Year 1956
Language Chinese
HKBU Library collection New Year woodblock print and painting collection
Work type Woodblock Print
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Copyrighted CC BY-NC 4.0

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