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This poster drawing with black color only in cartoon style. An old man with a sword in centre of the poster and another man in suit in front of him with thrums-up. There are skulls around them. Chinese text on the bottom of the poster "孔子鼓吹"唯上智与下愚不移", 划分"君子"与"小人"的界限, 胡说君子统治人民, 小人只配接受君子的统治, 林彪也把自己装扮成"救世主", 污蔑劳动者是"群氓", 顽固坚持英雄创造历史的反动唯心史观"

Author / Creator Unknown
Format 1 poster : black & white ; 76 x 55 cm
Publisher Publisher unidentified
Language Chinese
HKBU Library collection Propaganda Art Collection
Work type Poster
Category Chinese Cultural Revolution
Subject(s) Politics
Keyword(s) Criticize Lin, Criticize Confucius
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Copyrighted CC BY-NC 4.0

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