Depicts twelve female figures of the Tang dynasty, ten sit at a table arranged with an assortment of food and wine vessels. Two strum lute and zither, while three others play on pipe, mouth-organ, and ocarina. The rest of the women either hold fans, stir wine, or drink. A standing figure keeps time with sandalwood clappers, and a servant waits behind the ocarina player. A small dog lies under the table. Such is the depiction of lady musicians at a typical practice session in which an air of leisure and joviality prevails.

Author / Creator Unknown
Format 1 art reproduction : ink and color on silk ; 49 x 70 cm., mount 183 x 70 cm. in case 84 x 8 x 8 cm. + 1 booklet (5, ii p. ; 19 cm.)
Publisher 東京 : 二玄社
Year 1980
HKBU Library collection Chinese art works reproduced by Nigensha and National Palace Museum (Taipei)
Work type Chinese Painting
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Copyrighted CC BY-NC 4.0

Image © National Palace Museum (Licensed under CC BY 4.0)

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