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See HongKong, the Riviera of the Orient

This poster, which was also issued by the Hong Kong Travel Association and designed by Panaiotaky, encourages visitors to come to Hong Kong so they can ride a sedan chair to The Peak for the wonderful views. Sedan chairs were a popular mode of transport in 19th and early 20th century Hong Kong and many wealthy Peak residents retained a team of coolies to carry them up the steep hills. By the time this poster was issued, licensed sedan chair numbers were declining as motorised transport became more popular.

Author / Creator S. D. Panaiotaky
Format 1 poster : color ; 105 x 67 cm on cloth board 113 x 75 cm
Publisher Hong Kong : Hong Kong Travel Association
Year circa 1935
HKBU Library collection Hong Kong Travel Poster Collection
Work type Painting Poster
Keyword(s) Harbors Sedan chairs The Peak (Hong Kong)
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