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冷宮救昭君 : 楊柳青版画
Rescuing Zhaojun from the Cold Palace

有關王昭君的故事書,多畫懷抱琵琶出塞的情景。這幅年畫,畫昭君尚在漢宮,因久不見幸,而彈撥琵琶,自訴幽情。故事出自小說《雙鳳奇緣》,與通常戲曲表演的情節不盡相合。--《中國楊柳青木版年畫》 (p.116)

This picture shows a scene in the novel, Shuang Feng Qi Yuan (The Fabulous Fate of the Double Phoenix). Emperor Yuan (Liu Shi) of the Han Dynasty is seen standing right in the center of the picture, with Queen Lin, and Mao Yanshou on his left. Zhaojun is sitting on an embroidered bed inside the bed-curtain. She is holding a pipa and striking complaining notes. The picture depicts the lovely scenery of green pines, the cold moon, a frigid pavilion and icy ground. The appearance of the characters in it is charming and elegant. The composition of the picture is prudent and elaborate. It is representative of the best among the Yangliuqin New Year pictures which have been meticulously executed. Note: A cold palace was a place to which disfavoured queens and condubines were banished.) -- China Yangliuqing woodblock new years pictures (p.142)

Author / Creator Unknown
Format 1 sheet : color ; 37 x 52 cm
Publisher 美術出版社
Year 1956
Language Chinese
HKBU Library collection New Year woodblock print and painting collection
Work type Woodblock Print
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