New Year woodblock prints and paintings 年畫

The New Year’s prints and paintings (in Chinese, nianhua 年畫) is a kind of folk art or an art form with the regional characteristic in China. Similar to paper cutting, it is one of China’s most prevalent and ancient folk arts, with a long history. This mass-produced, colourful popular art, especially in Sichuan provinces, survives nowadays but almost disappeared during the cultural revolution period because of the government’s policy related to religious beliefs. This Mianzhu New Year woodblock print and painting collection are purchased directly from the most representative inheritors of the national intangible cultural heritage (in Chinese, chuancheng ren 傳承人) and their workshops in Mianzhu, Sichuan province, selected by Dr. Sarah Ng (AVA). For example, there are door god prints from the famous successor Li Fangfu 李方福 (b.1930) and his technique belongs to the Northern school for the Mianzhu new year paintings. As for this collection, most of them are with the traditional theme and classical figures and techniques to display the typical traditional new year paintings from Mianzhu for further studies.

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